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Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Bleach - 11686


CLEANING FOR HEALTH (see below links):

Peroxide Cleaner - GP107

Germ Swipe - 285 and Triple 2 - 222


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Novel Coronavirus COVID-19


Flo-Kem is Open for Business

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

Let us know if there is any support or services we can provide to maintain the integrity of your brand, support the health and safety of your employees and the cleanliness of your facility.

Flo-Kem stands behind our purpose of “leading the world to a cleaner, safer place through unparalleled customer service one client at a time”


For information regarding the use of Flo-Kem products relating to COVID-19, please click the below link:

COVID-19 and Flo-Kem's Germ Swipe - Product 285




Founded in 1969, Flo-Kem® is a leading manufacturer of janitorial and industrial maintenance products. Through the wholesale distribution process we market a wide range of products to include floor care, carpet care, cleaners and degreasers, disinfectants, kitchen care, restroom care and a variety of specialty cleaners. The industrial product mix extends to foodservice sanitizers, pressure washer cleaners, ferrous metal cleaners, metal brighteners, truck/car wash and portable chemical toilet products. Flo-Kem® sells to a wide variety of end user markets throughout the world. The institutional line of products targets hotels, hospitals, schools, service contractors, office and commercial buildings. The industrial line of products target food processing, refineries, dairies, beverage manufacturing, water treatment and metal treatment.

dropwhite Green Performance
Our Green Performance products are high performance solutions for your cleaning problems. They promote safety, quality of life and sustainable resources for us and future generations.
dropwhite Total Performance Brand
Flo-Kem® offers a complete line of janitorial and industrial cleaning products under the Total Performance brand name. This program enables you to market a broad line of products under a recognized brand label.
dropwhite Private Brand Marketing
At Flo-Kem®, our private label program is being transformed into an exciting new concept called “Private Brand Marketing”. Private branding allows the distributor greater flexibility in creating a solid brand image for their private label chemical line.
dropwhite Industrial & Speciality Products
Flo-kem® either has or can customize a quality product for your needs. Please review our industrial product line which entails, floor cleaners, vehicle care, laundry care, degreasers, spray washers, Tank & Pressure Washers and other specialty industrial products that are made in both powdered and liquid form.
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